Terms & Conditions

The awards are open to individuals, partnerships, organisations and businesses based in or having

a significant presence in the circulation area of Observer Newspaper Series 

2. Entry is by authorised entry form only. The form itself provides for identifying information only. Entrants

are required to submit whatever statements, testimonials and records they wish for the relevant

category. The judges reserve the right to seek more information or clarification of submissions. All

entries must be received digitally.

3. Contenders may enter themselves or be nominated by another. If a contender is nominated by

someone outside the business then the business will be invited to submit an entry in accordance to

the rules and criteria of the awards. The only category exempt from this would be Readers Choice.

4. Entries will be judged by a panel appointed by Observer Newspaper Series,

and jpimedia events and to include representatives of the main sponsor, or category sponsors.

5. The winning entries will be announced at an awards ceremony held June 2019.

6. A condition of entry is that entrants co-operate with the media and in particular the Observer Series

 for the publication of a story about their business (whether before or after the announcement of the winners)

and also with any other media coverage that may be given to their business.

7. The organisers will, within the scope of these rules, treat all entries as given in confidence, but can

accept no responsibility for any failure of confidentiality. Entrants should take appropriate steps, prior

to entering the competition, to protect those aspects of their entry that may be patentable or

registrable as designs or are otherwise secret and all other intellectual property rights.

8. The Headline sponsor is not eligible to enter any category. Category sponsors may not enter the

category they have supported.

9. Individuals and organisations may enter up to 3 categories only. Each entry should be on a separate

entry form.

10. Entries should be submitted to arrive no later the entry deadline of 8th May 2019. Entries

received after that date will not be considered.

11. There can be no appeal against the decision of the organisers - represented by the editor of Observer

Newspaper Series or of any judge or panel appointed by them; their decisions must be accepted as final in

respect of all matters concerning this competition, including the interpretation of these rules and conditions.

Should the organisers consider insufficient entries have been received, they reserve the right to reduce the number of prizes to be awarded.